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Engine sputters, backfires, and stalls

I recently purchase a 2017 z650 and all is great except for one annoying issue. When waiting at a stop light and when the light changes green I give it some gas to get going and the engine sputters, a light backfire, and then stalls. Seems like it's not getting any gas. Engine is easily restarted and I can take off. This doesn't happen all the time but at least 1-2 times whenever I'm out riding. This doesn't happen when I come to a stop sign and take off. Something about idling for a minute before taking off.

I tried to reproduce the issue in a parking lot and was unable to. The bike has a nice steady idle at around 1250 rpm. I plan on bringing this up to my dealer but wondering if any other z650 owners have this same problem. I did a search for this issue and nothing came up. Thanks in advance for any info!
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I'm having a real similar problem.. after I shut off the bike and go into a store or whatever come back out start bike and go through parking lot to main Street..go to pull out and pops like a backfire in the intake..one time stalled..one time came to intersection slowed was in second gear rolled through gave gas and pop..1,500 miles..got the bike with 800 miles.. going to monitor the situation..if you find anything out post and I'll do the same..been running 89 contain gas no modifications..weather been in the 80s

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Hi. I m getting exactly the same. Seems worse after its first service. Properly backfired today as I felt it around my ankles!! The bike also send to be heading up s lot quicker than other bikes I've had. Going to keep an eye on oil level. Not sure I want to risk it and leave the issue until next service so if anybody has any ideas? Thanks. Lee
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Stock exhaust/mufler?
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Thanks for the feedback. I brought this up to my dealer and they said they never heard of this issue. I raised my idle from 1250 to 1350 and it seems to help. Still sputters and backfires but less stalling or maybe I'm making sure it's getting gas as I release the clutch. This is very annoying since it's unpredictable when it's going to happen.
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