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Proud owner of a brand new z650

Hello friends,

My names Dan, I've just recently purchased a new 2017 z650 (5 days ago.) I have instantly fallen in low with this motorcycle. About a week or two ago I went to the American International Motorcycle Expo in Ohio; kawasaki was there. Of course I had to test ride bikes. At kawasakis tent they had the z650 and z900 available. I gravitated towards the 650. It's stance and demeanor, I had no chance. It was love at first sight. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to take it on a 15 mile test ride. I thought to my self as soon as we set off "I must have one." On the trip home I did what any man who didn't have any spare time or money would do in my circumstance. I started bike shopping. Msrp for the z650 is $6,999.00. When I came across a bike (45 mins from my house) listed at $5,399.00, I called the dealer immediately. Three days later I found myself at the doors of the dealership. The daunting task of buying a brand new motorcycle, gnawing at the back of my mind that problems that might ensue. What if I drop it? What about the insurance? Can I really afford it? Is being on a new bike gonna make me get more rowdy and ack stupid riding? "To **** with it" I thought when I walked in the front door. I met the sales associate I talked to on the phone. My heart fluttered as I shook his hand. Thinking to myself "This is actually happening, I'm buying a brand new motorcycle." The first hurdle, the insurance. This was a particular challenge. As the last bike I owned was used it did not require full coverage insurance for I'd no payments. This bike was different, something special, it needed to be well protected. I started with calling my insurance agent and giving him the VIN. He said he'd call me back shortly, but it should be around $120 a month. I took a deep breath. This was expensive, however not unaffordable. 5 minutes, then 10 went by. My phone doesn't have a chance to audibly ring before I anwser it. Bad news, the cheapest he could find was $250 a month! I felt sick to my stomach. My dream bike was so close, and was about to slip away just because the insurance payments were more then the bike payments. "This is it" I thought. "I'm going to have to walk away." Frantically I started googling insurance companies, surely I can find something in a reasonable ball park. My search turned up nothing. As my dream is taking its final breaths, I call a few friends to affirm my decision to walk away. All but the final nail was in the coffin. When I remembered my good riding buddy just bought a new bike on credit, undoubtedly he couldn't afford such high insurance rates either. I message him. I was right! He tells me about this insurance company I've never heard of. "Dairyland Insurance." The sweetest two word to my ear. I ring them up. Success! Down from $250 per month to $61 per month. Having now acquired insurance, they took me too see my new girlfriend... I mean motorcycle. Even having seen he dark skinned twin before, this pearl white and kawasaki green beauty took my breath away. Now that the visual teaser was driving me to get the buying process done as quickly as possible. I rush into the finance managers office. The finance manager regurgitate "Sign here and here, initial here and here. I need $10 as a down payment to open your new account. Did you want any extra insurance from us?" I SIGNED THE LAST LINE. As he handed me the key a smile started to grow. By the time I finally sat on the bike I was grinning from ear-to-ear. Before I left the lot I asked the mechanic who assembled the bike " what is this PASS button on the left stick here?" He begins to tell me "oh yes, that button right there is a boost button. Going down the highway and you want to pass someone you hold that down, and it'll give you some extra horsepower." I thought to myself "that sounds like horseshit." As I go over to my car to give my friend my the last of my stuff before I take off on the road on my first ride of my brand new bike another sales associate rushes out. "Sir did he tell you that button was for extra power?" I replied "yes. " "That technician says stupid stuff all the time, please don't listen to him. That button is to flash your bright lights in case you want to pass someone." Giving me one last remark "be safe out there." I look back at him "I couldn't dream of riding any other way." As I turn around and hit the road I hit the first red light. The light turns green, I take off, the bike wheelies. I ride it out, popping to 2nd gear still riding. I drop it back down. Ah that feeling of freedom.
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Awesome story and congrats! I'm glad you didn't settle for 250 a month insurance. You'd have everyone here telling you that's bs as well. I still feel so empowered every time I take off on my Z. Its even better when you start modding to add your personal flare to it. I can't do wheelies but I bet it was awesome!
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