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Originally Posted by FknLeon View Post
The reason most after market bar ends / mirrors with adapters don't work is because of the bar weight that is inside the bars on the z650. The expansion adapter that comes with most bar ends/bar end mirrors doesn't fit because the weight has to be pushed back which I don't advise. I use the RhinoMoto Ninja 650 bar ends with mirror adapters because they just bolt into the bar weights like the OEM Z650 ones.

I take it these are the clamp on style? If they are and the clamps are 22mm, use these bar ends/mirror adapters.


Thanks FknLeon.
I bought the bike used with less than 200 miles on it, but the previous owner has replaced the bar ends. I pulled them off & realized exactly what you said about the weights. Not sure how far in they'll go & didn't know how to 'attach' them to the expansion clamp of the new mirrors. I'll look into these You suggested. Do you know the approximate diameter and width of the grooves?
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