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Originally Posted by shiast2 View Post
I was curious if anyone with an Akrapovic exhaust can give some advice. Just purchased a Z650 and wanting to get an exhaust for it. Is there a difference in loudness between the two Akrapovic exhausts? I am wanting a little louder than stock but not crazy loud.
I like it, my neighbours don't.
I also noticed less vibrations.
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What is the difference between this and the one in the performance package?
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I know this is an old thread, but I rode a new Z650 back to back with a new Ninja 650 and the only difference that I'm aware of, was the Ninja had the Performance edition with the factory Akropovic exhaust. There was a very meaningful difference between the two in power and overall smoothness and lack of vibration. Wonder if the Akropovic was the difference? Of course as far as vibration is concerned, there is also the fact that the Nija has clip-ons and the Z has a tubular bar.
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Originally Posted by roadhawk View Post
Too bad the cost alone might entirely discourage some people but being a bike most would keep for at least a few seasons I can imagine a good portion of buyers here getting it. Maybe its time we get a poll going on this
What is the price??
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I installed the Akrapovic exhaust on my 17 z650. Super high quality parts, everything fit very snug with no leaks. I did have an issue with the O2 sensor wire. It's way too short from the factory. So I had to cut back some of the heatshrink to get slack to make it to the new mount on the exhaust.

The exhaust sounds perfect at anything above an idle speed. It's not too loud at all. I had an 07 Ninja 650, basically the same bike. On that bike I installed a scorpion exhaust. Which was LOUD, it sounded like a the Akra but just 4 times louder with the tone of a chevy 350. If you have neighbors, it was too loud.

The only complaint about the Akrapovic exhaust is that at idle you still have that Jetsons sound that the stock exhaust has. That "memememememe" sound that kind of reminds you of a scooter. But it's a worthy trade off for not pissing off all of my neighbors and being able to think at highway speeds. Also, I felt approximately... zero difference in power and handling. Didn't get it for that, but I see so many posts about more low end power, smoother power, more high end or whatever. In my experience with this exhaust and the scorpion on the old model. 100 percent is just a difference in sound.
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I have the performance edition Akra, I managed to get the baffle removed by drilling through the spot weld, looks and sounds great now. it runs super nice and makes some lovely popping sounds, granted I'm on an A2 license in the UK so I dont really see any performance benefit but as said, the sound and look, beautiful.
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I got the
Akrapovic Racing Line Full Exhaust System Titanium #S-K6R9-AFCRT Model.

Although it’s nicer and lighter than the original and reduces vibration, i have one complaint:

My mileage is 20% worse after I installed it.
I couldn’t feel any difference in power, or torque, or top speed. Also, i don’t care about how it sounds.

I don’t have BMC air filter, iridium spark plugs, Rapid Bike unit, nor had the bike remapped.

It’s running stock, except for the new full exhaust Bike has only 3,000 miles.

Any opinions?
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Thanks for the honest appraisal. Some people have that "halo effect" when they purchase an add-on, where they try to justify their purchase. Thanks for commenting on the fuel mileageand what mods you did not have done.
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