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Bazzaz ZFI install

For anyone looking for a quality fuel controller, here's an install video of the Bazzaz ZFI on the Ninja 650. Process will be almost exactly the same for the Z650 as it's the same engine and sensors. This is the unit I was originally going to install on the Z650, but they weren't out on the market yet. I'll be doing a full review of the tuning process, as well as showing how the software works in the near future. I can say that with only some minor tweaking on a few short runs down the road, the acceleration and throttle response has already seen great improvement. I actually went with the 8" Delkevic Carbon exhaust on this bike to get some real numbers out there for people wanting a budget exhaust. That video will be up soon also. I do warn though, from the initial AFR readings with the exhaust (baffles out), it had some high lean conditions. An AFR at 17/1 under mid throttle load, which under extended run conditions, could lead to premature burnt rings from predetonation. This is on a 2009 Ninja 650, which runs in a closed loop injection cycle. With that said, I highly recommend a fuel controller with this exhaust. But more on that in a future video....

Onward to the install!

Ride safe my friends!

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With the fuel controller you installed on your Z, or this unit on the Ninja, do you see your temperature bar on the dash reading lower? As in, one or even two blocks on the temp bar lower because you've richened up your mixtures? I find it irritating how quickly the Z likes to rise up to and stay at the max temp reading when idling in traffic, or while moving slowly in hot weather. My coolant is fresh and at the recommended level, my fan runs, and the radiator is not blocked or damaged. Before I spend money on a controller (as it is my suspicion Kawasaki meets emission levels by running the bike lean at most settings), I'd like to know that richening the mixture helps the bike run stronger, but also just a tad cooler. Or maybe you have seen a thermostat that opens at a lower temp or closes the circuit to the cooling fan sooner?

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Because the bike is tuned lean from the factory, it's going to run hotter. Adding a fuel controller or reflashing the ECU will help bring operating tempuratures down a lot. If you find a place that can reflash your ECU, they can also change the set point for the fan controller in most cases. It's nothing to be concerned about though, it just the nature of these parallel engines. Adding a scaling temp gauge on motorcycles less than a track bike is one of the worst ideas manufacturers have come up with. I don't think a lot of people realise how much hotter motorcycle engines actually run.

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