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  1. Exhaust And Headers
    I picked this up but before I try anything; has anyone used a similar product before,is it safe on the muffler. The muffler looks mostly flat and looks like it would hold, but I've been wrong about a lot of things before. Should I save myself the trouble and go return it for a triple tree or...
  2. Kawasaki Z650 General Discussion
    I was working my 2018 z650 yesterday, trying to install a new front turn signals, after i put the parts back together now the tail light and air horn stopped working. Has anyone faced this problem before, or knows what could be the reason for this? Its my first bike and im still clueless
  3. Kawasaki Z650 Pictures And Videos
    Hi i have a kawasaki z650 and i recently have discover that the Front Right engine mounting point was broken, can anyone tell me if its reparable or not. Look at the pictures
1-3 of 3 Results