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  1. Kawasaki Z650 General Discussion
    I have 2018 Z650. I bought brand new over a year ago and it had 5 miles when I bought it, so there should not be any issues from prior ownership. Now I kept it outside with cover on, but a several days ago, it seems that the wind was blowing so strong and it broke its rear fender. Is this a...
  2. 2017+ Kawasaki Z650 News
    My 17 Z650 ABS version is doing something funny, maybe someone can help me out here? when I go for my front brake, it’s almost fighting me back with tension. There’s no feedback or slack. My rear is working perfectly fine.
  3. New Members Introduction
    just got my Z650 yesterday so naturally I searched out the proper forum and here I am. 👋
  4. New Members Introduction
    Hello alll new to the bike game fell In love with the 2020 z650 Its comfortable It’s got smooth power delivery and it look amazing