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2012-2016 wheels on 2017

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Question at hand: Can I use older gen Ninja 650 wheels on my 2017 Z650. I know they are the same size 17's and 3.5" up front and 4.5" in rear.

Front axle looks identical so I am pretty sure the will bolt up no problem. The front rotors appear to not be interchangeable as the mounting bolts have a different spacing pattern. However they are the same diameter as the older gen rotors. In my mind that tells me they will work with my 2017 caliper no issues.

I assume the sprocket side of the rear is interchangeable which only leaves the rear rotor situation which again I think is the same.

Any one have any thoughts or see things I am missing? Before anyone burns me and asks why it is because I need rims and the old ones are crazy cheap on ebay compared to new wheels. I found a few rears used but no fronts and I would like to match them.
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What did you end up doing?

I'd email a local bike shop to confirm if I still havent found my answer..

Do you plan to powdercoat the used wheels?
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