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2017 Kawasaki Z650: First 100 Miles Review

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Youtuber Tremonte purchased a new 2017 Kawasaki Z650 last month and he loves the bike enough to upload a video review of the first 100 miles.

He hasn’t completely broken in the Z650 yet as Kawasaki recommends that new bikes be kept under 4,000 rpms for around 600 miles, but even clocking in just 100 miles has improved the stock Dunlop Sportmax tires’ performance by softening them up a bit.

Most new riders wouldn’t think to get a 649cc motorcycle as their first ride, but the Z650 may be just the confidence inspiring machine to shift them away from the underpowered 250cc models.

There’s plenty of low and mid-range torque and the bike is super well balanced and a hoot to toss around the twists. He found the throttle a little touchy when moving from a dead stop, but the lightweight bike is easy to manage and its center of gravity is just low enough to make it agile.

Ergonomically, the Z650 is great or shorter riders with its low slung seat height and slender saddle for those with a small inseam. He’s 5 foot 3 inches with a 29-30 inch inseam and he can sit comfortably on the bike. Those of you at that height may not be able to flat foot, but he is completely in control because the Z650 only has a curb weight of 412.3 pounds.

Kawasaki managed to hit a home run with the 2017 Z650 if it managed to convert someone from a model that were dead set on.

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I like how he touched on the point of new riders as they tend to shy away from anything higher than 300 cc. Admittedly, I stuck with the sub-300 segment right after receiving my license, but if there was an option like the Z650 then I may have gone for that the first time around.
The level of feedback he gives of the Z650 from how it is for him is great since that gives us something to measure our experience by, for those of us that haven't ridden one yet. Not always will journalists put it into a perspective that better relates to us, sometimes you have to venture from within your own community
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