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2017 with only 5000km

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So I bought my z650 brand new in September 2017 after selling my Ducati scrambler. I am a weekend rider, preferring short early morning rides (<300km) mostly back roads and a bit of highway. Although I only have 5000km on my bike I thought I'd share my likes and dislikes so far.

1. Sound of the twin 180 degree crank motor, even with an aftermarket exhaust I don't like it
2. Looks, not so much a dislike but more indifference
3. Slightly vibey motor

1. Comfort. This bike just fits me. I'm built like a motogp rider, 1.65m 60kg šŸ˜
2. Seat height. Nice and low
3. Torque. I love how torquey the motor is, it allows for a lazier riding style with less downshift.
4. Intake sound. It's awesome
5. Fuel consumption. I mostly just cruise around taking in the scenery so I regularly get an indicated 25km/l.
6. Small size. I love how small the bike feels and how well it handles slow speed riding.
7. Suspension. For my weight the suspension is in the goldilocks zone. I don't go flying round corners preferring comfort to razor sharp handling.
8. Simplicity. No fancy stuff means less things to go wrong /maintain.

I usually change my bikes after a year but with the z650 I may just keep it for long while. I definitely feel that I made the right choice with the z.
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