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2017 Z650 Dyno results!

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Here is how the stock dyno turned out. I now have a baseline to start the tuning once the exhaust arrives. I will most likely be putting a Bazzaz on the bike as well to correct lean conditions.

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Glad to see that the readings are close to what has been claimed. Can't wait to see what it can really put down after you fix that lean issue
I really want to see the results. I've only got about 4 more months with this bike and you're ahead of me because the Akro is out of stock everywhere.

Anyone have any previous experience with the Bazzaz? Thoughts?
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I guess the only option is to special order it but of course with that comes an added cost. Did you at least try getting onto some waiting list for the exhaust?
None of the exhausts have been officially released to the public yet. That's why they all say backordered. The first round of orders could be made to Yoshimura on March 29th, but you had to be a dealer. I was able to order mine a bit sooner through Superbike Unlimited, due to them having sponsorship through Yoshimura. But even still, they have not shipped any of them. The production was delayed. I'm not sure about Akra, but it's a similar story with IXIL. Those will be shipping from Europe the end of this month, as per the US distributor that I was in contact with. I was originally going to go with IXIL, but ended up with a much better deal on the Yoshimura.

New bike, new designs... and so we wait...
It'll be worth the wait... shouldn't be too much of a problem for the early owners here right?
If exhausts start shipping out at the end of this month, forums members may not receive theirs until the mid to end of next month. That's not too bad of a wait for what you'll be getting.
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