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2020 Z650 Motowerk Lowered Footrests Adapter Install

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Hello everyone. Just installed the Motowerks Footrest Lowering adapters this weekend. The extra spacing does help us taller guys especially when combined with the taller seat from Kawasaki. But I have an issue with adjusting the rear brake lever. When I turn the rear wheel master cylinder push rod clockwise the brake lever moves downward just fine. The manual says the lever should be roughly 2 inches lower than the top of the foot rest. I set it at 1.5 inches but when I pushed the rear brake lever the stop light does not come on. Interestingly the front brake lever would not actuate the brake light either. After checking the manual I found where the Brake Light Switch is located. I can tell by looking at it and how it is located that it will not be easy to adjust. Reset the master cylinder push rod back to it's original position and now the brake lights work again. Just wondering if any of you have been down this road and can offer some advise.

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The rear switch is adjustable. There are two large plastic nuts that allow you to raise or lower it. You have to set the tension on the spring linking the brake peddle just right to make it work. I do not remember what I did exactly to adjust the nuts, but I remember lots of frustration and bloody knuckles. I remember removing the gray plastic guard and also removing the spring from the petal, and perhaps that did not help and was not necessary -maybe a wiser person will offer something better.

Since you lowered the peddle, is it possible the brake light is just always on at the rear switch. Nothing at the rear should cause the front switch to not work. Good luck!
Thanks for the input kwarbington. I could see myself going down the same road as you so I put every back were it was for the time being. As I mentioned once I did the front brake lever would then actuate the brake light. That has me baffled because neither the rear or front brake levers would turn on the brake light after I first adjusted the rear brake lever downward. Have ridden the bike twice since with no problems except the brake lever does need to be lower. So I will have to find time to try again and like you said and I am sure there will be plenty of frustration and busted knuckles.
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