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Another rainy day here, so

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I put on my National Cycle deflector screen for a bit more protection from bugs for my jacket, and added a small bicycle bag to the side for the garage door opener and other small bits. Also, added a helmet lock to the frame where the rear peg bracket was. I'll try to download a pic, having problems with sizing it.


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Looks good! Plan on changing up those mirrors and perhaps throwing on some bar ends?
Ya know, I don't really like bar end mirrors, because you have to move your head more to see them, kinda outward and then down. And they're smaller so not as big a picture to see what's coming. I have mirror extenders on the stock ones and they work great, past my shoulders and elbows and a quick glance gets the view. In the old days I liked the Stadium bar end mirrors, which folded inward when needed and didn't change the setting when folded back outward.
They do become a pain, you're right. Often not really worth the aesthetic appeal after a certain amount of time haha.
That motorcycle bag is perfect! I've been having to shove my garage door opener in my jacket and taking it in and out becomes a hassle. It looks like OGIO branding but I couldn't find it anywhere. Do you mind sharing where you got the bag from? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
the bags were on ebay, listed as "top frame front pannier saddle tube bag"; sold by "loveuten-0". They are made to fit over bicycle center frame, so I cut them in half. They fit perfectly on the 2 side panels, I used two 6mm screws that were as thin that I could find. Not really a clearance issue but didn't want to wear a hole in the coolant recovery tank, then covered with duct tape on the inside.
Yes, regular U-clamp mounting to bars, not much room there, though.
I got my helmet locks on ebay. Made simple bracket to mount on left side using bolts for the passenger peg mount.
Regarding your mirror extenders. Do they allow for the mirrors to fold in/out for filtering etc etc?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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