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Auto Tune kit

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No Dyno's in my area and would be expensive. I was checking these out and seem to have good reviews. Comes with a wideband (whatever that means) O2 sensor. I do understand it wouldn't be exactly like a Dyno but really close, apparently the more data you record the better it gets. Anyone have any experience with these?


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Thumbnail isn't opening. Have a direct link?
It's opening now.... That is an add-on module for the Bazzaz Fuel Controller. That was originally what I was looking at, but production for the Z650 was pushed back at the time. That unit will only work if you have the main unit installed, and add a second bung on the exhaust. Pretty much why I chose the Rapid Bike instead. It has the auto tune built in, for what Bazzaz charges for a base unit.
That's true. No bung needed the opening for the O2 sensor is 18mm I had to get an adapter to use the stock 12mm O2 sensor. So im looking at around $600. How much would a Dyno run cost? I know I would need the power commander.
A decent dyno tune can run you from $200 and up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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