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Hi all

Bought a new 2018 z650 in matt black about 2 months ago. Still only have 450kms on the clock (I'm from New Zealand hence kms), and slowly breaking it in. It's a beautiful bike that I bought mainly to have a quick, narrow, fun commute to work. Really pleased with the purchase so far. The others bikes I seriously tried were the Triumph Street Triple and Duke 390. The Duke was great and lots of fun, very light, but felt a bit cheap when... the next bike I got on was the z650 which felt so much smoother and better made. The Triumph felt well made, quality and stable - like it's built for high speeds - but top heavy handling. I had thought my dream bike was the Speed Triple but the z650 did everything the Triple did but better, more sorted and flickable. That's my opinion - I'm sure people will disagree.

The throttles a little loose and the front brakes are catchy at slow speeds, but even in the break-in period it has a really lovely torque spread that if you catch just right is pure pleasure. My mechanic says to ignore the break-in period. I guess I do a bit of both.

It's the first bike I've had from new. I've had a couple of Kawasaki's and I'm now seriously tempted by the 900 or 1000 version. I may upgrade eventually and give this to the wife.

Did I mention it looks amazing?

NZ z650
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