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carbon fiber wrap yes, or no!?

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hey everyone,

i have a lot of extra CF wrap from a car project im thinking of using

i wrapped one piece quickly to get a reference shot so excuse the creases and mess.

what do you think, should i finish the plastic pieces off in CF or leave it stock?


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Not a fan with the white would look Great on the black but to each his own
i think it something we would have to see in person to make a decision, from the pic it looks like the vinyl "softened" up the look of the panel a bit so it kind of looks out of place. but in person it might look terrific. in the end its all about what you like really. how do you feel about it? if its just a little time you would lose and allready have vinyl might as well do it. and if you dont like it take it off
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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