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CW rates Z #3 out of 3

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The new Cycle World magazine, for May, compares the Z650 against the SV650 Suzuki and the FZ-07 Yamaha, with the Yamaha their winner. The Kawi has the lowest seat height, and is fastest in the mid-range acceleration contests from 40-60 and 60-80 mph. And the Kawi had the best braking distances. They didn't like the vibration, awkward ergonomics (?), and the least horsepower and torque of the 3.
Oh well.
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I typically don't care too much about this competition things and it doesn't phase me either. The ergo is really subject to the rider I think
The FZ is a great bike, and the SV is what I really had my heart set on the day I went to purchase... and then I met her...... There she was in all her white, slender goodness. I knew then, she was coming home with me.

I have to say, I was pretty **** impressed with the Z to not buy another Yamaha or Suzuki. And that is saying ALOT! I've only ever raced Suzuki, and Yamaha stole my heart away from Kawasaki for street bikes in the late 90's-early 2000's. I guess it all comes full circle eventually. :)
Yep, it really boils down to individual preference, ergos, looks, wallet, etc. I have owned 11 different brands in my lifetime and ridden many others, and this year the Kawasaki Z struck the right chord.
Here's the article if anyone is interested, pretty sure I know where your loyalty lies though. Kawasaki Z650 vs. Suzuki SV650 vs. Yamaha FZ-07 - COMPARISON TEST | Cycle World
Don't pay too much attention to the reviews of large publications. Advertising dollars and politics pay a large part in deciding the "best bike". I've been riding for 45 years and personally ride a BMW S1000R. I bought the Z650 for my wife after riding the Yamaha on a test ride. The Yamaha vibrated MUCH worse (review wrong) and steered quicker. Fun factor went to the Kawasaki and that is all that matters!
Sorry, I meant the kawasaki steered quicker....oops.
z650 is the best for me.

1. Light weight.
2. Low seat height.
3. Light clutch.
4. Enough top speed for me (200 km/h).
5. Good acceleration.
6. Has ABS
7. Slip Clutch.
8. Good handling, easy to ride.
9. Narrow profile.
10. Good commuter bike.
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I rode the FZ07 at my local dealer and was not impressed with the overall package when comparing it to my 2007 Ninja 650R. The FZ07 may have had a bit more power but the rubber mounted bars led to vague steering feel and the vibration through the rev range was terrible.

I have yet to ride a Z650 and have been trying to find a Demo ride to get some seat time.

I really like how my 07 is set up right now (Ohlins shock, Versys swingarm, Emulators up front and soon to be replaced with ZX10R forks) and to a point that gives me a lot of bias when I am riding a stock bike. But I really would like to have ABS for my long distance and sport tour rides.
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