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Engine light Dashboard indicator ON after first revision

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Dear Forum.
After the first 1.000km mechanical check. (Oil and Oil-filter) my Z650 is showing in the Dashboard at the left-down corner the engine indicator in green.

My Mechanic told me to came to the motorcycle workshop at the end of next week because he has lot of work behind schedule.

I would love to solve that issue before.
According to the manual it's a problem related with DFI and it says that an official Kawasaki Mechanic should check it. Does someone know how that DFI issue could be solved and turn off that indicator?

Thanks in advance
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The Pairing valve can cause this light to come on. It's located under the tank. You can check to see if the harness came unplugged. Shine a light from in front of the radiator, as it's located just behind, but in a really tight area. The only way you get to it, is by removing the tank.

Tank removal, and pair valve block off.

How to reset the CE/FI/DFI light on the Z650, and what resistors to use when eliminating the Pair Valve.
thank you very much.
What could have caused this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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