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Hi everyone!

I recently bought a 2017 Z650 as my first bike. I bought it a few weeks ago (used) with 20 miles on it (someone's fiance wasn't happy when they brought it home...)

I was showing a friend of mine (who doesn't ride) the bike and he pointed out that the engine mounts (if that's what they're called) dont appear to be even. Specifically, the left side of the bike's mount looks to be seated much deeper than the right side (pictures below).

I did some research which showed that the frame sliders for this bike are different lengths , but this appears to be a drastic difference. Also noteworthy: I took the bike around for 10-15 miles - no issues (backroads). I also can't move the motor with body strength left or right.

I know this is hard to describe with words so here is a couple of quick pictures of it:

Left side:

Right side:

Is this normal?

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Hi NH,
Welcome and congrats on you're purchase and welcome to motorcycling!

Quick answer - Yes!
The spacer that fits between the engine block and the frame (the green tubular part) are of different lengths on each side. I know it instinctually might seem like the engine is off center but that's just how its designed to be. You should be able to see that the rear and front sprocket are aligned, despite this difference.
If the little OCD devil is still bugging you (we all get it sometimes! :D), just remember, the center of gravity of an engine isn't necessarily halfway across the engine block. Meaning, it might mount lopsided and yet be perfectly balanced on the frame.
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