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When riding home yesterday I was coasting downhill at about 4000rpm. Pressure seemed to build in the exhaust to the point when the engine backfired and the bike "bucked". A little bit stronger and it might have been enough to throw me off.

Any ideas? It has about 1250kms (800 miles on it) is about 8 months old and only used for commutes.

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Get it checked out for sure it should be covered through warranty. It could be anything from spark plug/wire, throttle body or bad sensor, fuel maybe? not sure how long it takes for fuel to become bad or if there is a difference in longevity with winter/reg fuel. The only time I ever had that was when I was running straight pipes with the Danmoto exhaust. And even then it never bucked. When you get it diagnosed please post so there is a record on the forum.

I will check my service manual for any diagnosis help or maybe a more seasoned forum member can answer. @Tremonte
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