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fast idle when cold

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I've noticed that during this cold weather when I start my bike the revs can go up to 3000 for the first mile or so till the bike warms up,I realise this the way the engine works and is similiar to other bikes I have owned but the revs seem much higher and go for much longer,is this just something the Z does ?
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I actually notice the same thing on my '20 model, when I start the bike cold, it runs 2k idle for a good 5-10 mins, after which it drops down to about its usual 1.25-1.5k range...
3k seems high... 2 would be normal. You might be idling high in general. Stock idle setting is 1.3k when warmed up. See where it is at normal operating temperature. If its higher than 1.3k then that is part of if not your entire problem.
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