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Finally joining in the fun

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Hi all,

Wednesday this past week I picked up a used non-ABS Z650 and am already falling down the mods rabbit hole. I’ve been a lurker for awhile, and try to keep up with the posts and YouTube videos when I can.

Bike is stock til the parts start rolling in, I’ve got grips, bar end mirrors, shorty levers, fender eliminator, LED bulbs, windscreen, flushmount turn signals, and frame sliders on the way.

Happy to step up from the scooter game, just trying to clean things up a bit then ride til I feel feel comfortable enough to add exhaust/tuning components.

Oil change should be happening in the next few days, just finished break-in, the only other thing I’d like to do is lower it a bit; despite only needing to put one foot down I’d really like to at least get both balls of my feet on the ground. Currently trying to find the best way to go about this with the least amount of compromise to the handling.

The only photo I have so far is this one, but I’ll probably take a few more as I start adding parts.

Happy to be a part of the group!


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Hi crimsonxholic, What kind of windshield are you getting. I have a givi A4117 on order. Still on backorder.
I managed to find one of the windshields Kawasaki offered for awhile (possibly just in Europe?) on eBay. I don’t do any interstate riding, just highway riding to work, around 30 min of 55-70 mph, so I was looking for something subtle. Not sure if this will even make a difference, but the ride isn’t too bad as it is, figured it was worth a shot.

GENUINE KAWASAKI Z650 Z 650 Windshield Panel Cockpit Tinted Smoke High | eBay
Welcome! Interested in seeing what LED headlight you will be getting and the flush mounted indicators.
The LED is the same as Tremonte”s, was tempted to experiment but figured I’d go with something tested out. As for the flushmounts, they’re TST’s for the Z125, with some mounting adapters from Revzilla made for Suzuki’s. I’m guessing I might need to modify those, but they were a closer shape to the indicators than the ones offered for Kawasaki models (which were more rounded off).

Kinda curious if I’ll need to get more creative than that, the recessed area around our front facing turn indicators is what may cause some trouble. If I’m successful I’ll make a post about it : )
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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