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First new bike

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Purchased my 2017 model in July of ‘18 with zero miles. Just hit 500 miles. Love this bike; as a former dirt bike rider (in my teen years) this bike is a joy to ride. It is a great first bike that instills confidence every time I ride. Easier to ride than the Harley 500 I rode in my MSF class.
I purchased the all black model; not a big fan of Kawasaki neon green. I get many compliments from my buddies who ride on the clean look. Swapped out the rear taillight for an integrated turn signal unit and added a fender eliminator.
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I concur with your Z650 experience. It is a joy to ride and easy to navigate around town and even occasionally short dirt road.
Welcome to the forum and good to hear its treated you well so far. I agree that its extremely rider friendly to those who may be new to this class of bike.
All black

I agree that the all-black color scheme looks great. Kind of a stealth look, and it matches my black side bags (see photo).


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