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Flat matte colors and de-sticker warning..

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So, not a real fan of the flat colors on many new bikes, I decided to see if I could brighten up my white Z.
I took some Meguiar's Ultimate Compound, and rubbed and rubbed and rubbed some more on the gas tank. It is now real gloss sparkly white! I am now going to do the other white pieces. Then I will use liquid glass or Carnauba wax to finish it off. But I will get some new pads for my buffer and use them instead of by hand.
Now, for the warning....If you, like me like to remove all the stickers, including the Kawasaki on the gas tank... be aware, that sticker has the satin clear coat ON TOP OF THE STICKER. So, after peeling the letters off with a heat gun, you have a leftover image in the white paint. The polishing compound got it looking not as noticeable, but in the right light, it is a subtle image of Kawasaki left over in white.
My plan originally was to get old W1 Kawasaki 650 emblems, so they will go on in place and be fine.
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DAMNIT! This was my plan...

I hate working with satin finishes. Anyone have ideas on how to do this properly?
I don't think you'll be able to remove that sticker and maintain that satin look because under the sticker it'll be glossy, and if it isn't that glossy, when you're finished cutting it down with compound, it will be.
Sorry to hear about this but it makes me glad that I by default would go with vinyl wrap which from what i seen has proven to not damage stickers beneath them come time to remove the wrap. But for many people its not often they want to remove the wrap.
Wrapping over the sticker would be pretty interesting looking, won't really see it but it'll be like embossed looking ?
Mine is done, used the Mequiar's Ultimate Compound, both by hand with a microfiber cloth, and with a foam polishing pad on my orbital polisher. Easier than I expected, but it did take total of about 6 hours over 2 days. Perhaps polishing compound would have been faster, but I didn't want to go below the white paint. Now all pieces are shiny, and I waxed all with Griot's Carnauba wax. Looks much better IMHO.
Did you put any sealant on the paint after compounding and polishing ?
Nope, no sealant. Just wax, and I often use a detailing spray to keep things glossy, Mequiars Ultimate Quik Detailer, after every ride so it's ready for the next ride. I'll try to add a pic here if it can pick up the shine.


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**** that looks hella shiny. Love it! That sticker too, it all just works man. But once you keep applying the wax and quick detailer that has waxes in it as well, you shouldn't need the sealant so that works !
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