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HI Guys, ended up trading the Z in on a 2017 Vulcan S, (my knee didnt like the body position on the Z) i loved the bike but long rides were no fun. so i have a few parts im looking to sell. the bike only had 180 miles on it when i traded it in, so the parts are basically brand new frame sliders never came out of the package.

Vagabond fender eliminator. $50.00 shipped
R&G passenger peg delete plates $40.00 shipped
R&G frame sliders. Brand new in package $70.00 shipped

R&G fork protectors. $45.00 Shipped.
Kawasaki pillion cover $175.00 shipped. This one is on eBay. Message me and I'll give you the link.
OPT7 Led Bulb $40 shipped.

pricing is shipped to the US only.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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