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Front brake problem - ABS model 17'

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So my front brake is messed up..

Attempting to engage the front brake and the lever is very very stiff and has a strong pulsation to it. When walking with the bike this does not happen, only when above about 5mph.. The ABS check comes on when starting the bike like normal and when pulling out it goes away like normal.

The back brake is fine.

For what its worth I hand washed the bike, and decided to adjust the rear preload slightly stiffer then parked it in the garage.. Did I get water or air in the line? Did I pinch a brake or electric ABS line somewhere adjusting the preload? Visually everything seems fine..

Dealer is closed until Tuesday, if anyone has ideas or suggestions on what I can check I would appreciate it.

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Now that I thought about it more. Maybe a better way to explain it, it feels like ABS is activating each time I grab the front brake.
Make sure the front wheel sensor didn't get bumped out of alignment when you washed it.
To my untrained eye it seems ok. The bolt holding it in place is still tight. I tried clearing it with water and hit the sensor with compressed air incase there was dirt there, no luck..


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Update incase this happens to anyone else. The ABS control module failed. Weird thing is it only malfunctioned between 5 and 20 MPH, above that it worked as normal.

1035$ part.

Really really glad I got the extended warranty...
Ok, so a month later and my bike still isn't fixed... The dealer installed a new ABS module, replaced the ABS sensors.

ABS is always on between speeds 5-30MPH above that it functions as normal.. At this point I don't know what to do and they seem perplexed as well...

Any ideas on what recourse I might have?
Did you find out what it was? Have a 17 ABS Z and it’s doing the EXACT same.
Hi guys
Did you find out what it was? Have a 17 ABS Z and it’s doing the EXACT same.
Hey !
i have the same problem like u and the conversation starter.

Did u find any solution ?
Sorry I don't check here often.

I had my '17 z650 in for service with ABS problems twice now.

First problem, when I initially posted this, ended up being due to a very slight warp in the ABS sensor rotor. It was very consistent to replicate this problem , start the bike ABS check would come on like normal, pull out light goes off, above about 5mph the light would come back on, over 30mph light goes back off... weird stuff..

Side note: my gf has a 2020 z400 and the ABS sensor rotor on that is far better made, its a much thicker piece of metal probably twice as thick as my 17 z650

Second problem happened November 2020. This time it was much more difficult to replicate. Sometimes ABS would work fine, then while riding (consistent speed, not rough road) the ABS light would randomly come on. If you turned the bike off / on sometimes it would clear the ABS check light, then randomly while riding it would come on again. The dealer initially told me they found no problems I asked to try again and the ABS check light did come on while riding. This time they replaced the ABS hydraulic unit (again)

I rode it home and it seemed fine, I then put it away for the winter. I am really really hoping I don't have any more issues come this spring after I take it out of hibernation.
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Me and my service man found out what was wrong with my bike.

First I cheched all the wires and fuses , everything seems ok for me . Next time i toke it for a ride , the light went off ,about 60Km/h i smashed the front brake really hard to 0 . The light doesn't came back.
I did the same prcoess with the rear brakes , and the light came back . I told it for my service man and he checked the place between the sensor and the dial .Adjust it and it still working well for about 2 months .

I hope you can understand what i want to say , sometimes my english doesnt working well :D
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