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Fuel Mapping

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I'm trying to decide on which fuel mapping / tuning system to install, as I'm upgrading to a full system S1R exhaust ( Two Brothers Racing ).
Any input on what you did to your Z650 once you removed the factory system would be appreciated.

Should I install something at home, or bring it to a shop?


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I would wait for FTECU. This is the response I got from them on 1/14:

Thank you for the follow up message! We have made progress on this model since we were in touch last. We are not yet ready to release the file for this one yet. We are doing some testing this week. If all goes well, we should have something for you very soon! Feel free to check in with me at any time for an update.
You can do the install yourself, but you would want to get it dyno tuned to get the most out of it. It's not going just work out-of-the-box (it'll run, not optimally, though).

The advantage of the FTECU system is that you're flashing the ECU, not installing a piggyback ECU, which clutters up the wiring.
I'm running my bike with just the Yoshimura exhaust. I think it runs great but prob not optimal.

I have no idea what ECU, power commander or other thing I have to buy. I don't even know the difference or if they are the same thing.
But for optimal performance I think that you should have one of the above, new exhaust and also replace the filter.
FTECU looks great, I hope that reply you've got holds true! the install seems way easier, and way less clutter as you mentioned.

The flash looks like you can adjust much more than the full mapping too

Good to hear the bike runs ok without the tune as well, my concern is really running lean at this point.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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