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Gegroet iedereen!

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Hi there, Belgium checking in! :)

Started my motorcycle days with a Honda CBR. 1,5 year ago I traded it for a Kawa Vulcan S. Really liked that little Vulcan but lower back pains made me switch back to a bike with a more upright riding position. After searching the market the Z650 caught my eye. Since I was really pleased with the Vulcan I decided to stick with Kawa and ordered a Z650.
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Sweet ! Welcome to the forums, I still haven't contacted my local dealer to figure out what the status is on placing orders/deposits and what not. When did you place your order ??
I placed my order on December 14th and asked to wait until 2017 to register the bike. Otherwise the bike would have been a year older on paper in 2 weeks time. Normally I'll receive the documents today or tomorrow. With a bit of luck, and if there's no delay closing the insurance, I'll be riding it home this weekend.
That's a lot quicker than I thought, that's great ! Can't wait to see some pictures and hear your impressions on it. Be sure to keep us updated :)
Finally, yesterday I received my insurance papers and went to the store to pick up my bike. Unfortunately after a few kilometers it started to rain and today it's snowing. Guess I won't be able to ride it this weekend.
But, my overall impression is very good. Good acceleration, not to much vibrations, riding position is ok. But like with every new bike, the brakes and tires aren't yet in optimal condition, that'll take more kilometers than I did yesterday.
For sure, but glad to hear positive so far. Are you doing the break in period ?
Yes, it's winter, so I'm gonna take it easy on the road. The first service is planned at 1000km / 600 miles.
Darn, you're riding it through the winter?? How's she handling?
When it's dry, not too cold and no ice on the road, why not. ;-)
I have a bike just for fun, I won't commute with it since I drive a company car.
Now waiting for good weather and time to take it out again.
That's true.. I wouldn't even be worried about the salt either to be honest. But that's definitely a nice occasional driver to have especially when you have a company car as the main commuter. You sir have the best of both worlds it seems!

Any mods ??

No, no mods yet. Still looking for a nice fender eliminator or tail tidy. And a tank pad to avoid scratches.
A new exhaust doesn't interest me that much nor pinstripes. New tires and brakes are an option, but that's to soon to tell, stock tires and brakes always need a couple of miles to wear off that first layer to get good grip.
The Kawa saddlebags look nice, maybe that's something to consider when I finally decide to make that road trip through Europe I've been thinking about a long time.
Also frop Belgium!
Just bought my z650.
Still waiting until March for my driving license :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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