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Greetings from Muskego, WI

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Hello everyone, I am excited to be a member of this ownership community.

So here's my story, I'm actually coming from a 2017 z125 Pro. I had it for less than a year and quickly decided that I was ready for something with some more power. Took one of these bikes home and couldn't be happier with it. I've already got the fender eliminator, bar end mirrors, and LED marker lights and headlight installed. However, I have noticed that there isn't much aftermarket for this bike out there at the moment. I was a bit bummed out since I was looking forward to getting some nice LED flush mounts. I do own a 3D printer and I already have some very nice flush mounts that I removed from my Z125, so I will be spending some time in my favorite CAD software seeing if I can come up with a solution to make flush mounts stand out more on the front of the bike. I know they are a bit recessed in there so I'd like to design and print some kind of adapter that could be mounted in there to make the flush mounts actually sit flush. I'll be sure to post updates!
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Welcome to the forum and grats on the new Z650! Maybe you can fab up a mount so you can reuse the Z125's parts.
once though about getting a small bike like that, but realized I'll need to switch up all too soon.
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