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Z 650 RS, MY2022
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Hey roninrider,
this Akra pipe is with with Catalyzer, was original sale from Kawwasaki.
You can get his Akra Pipe direkt from Kawaski, but it is much cheaper
to buy at a local Akropovice Dealer!
You can also use a second hand in good condition exhaust from the 2021 Modell ,
the normal Z 650 or Ninja 650 or a new once. From the 2020 modell
with the TFT-Dispal from both bikes you can use alse the Akra pipe,
but i don't know if this is allowed in the US.
My RS is 12 kg ligther as the original RS, take in a other Battery, the
AKRA pipe and a lot of steelparts out i don't need...!:);)
kindly regards from good old germany
1 - 6 of 6 Posts