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so i was at work the other day and someone ran into my bike while it was parked. i am aiming to not get insurance involved as its paid off and i think minus the bsd(beard scale difficulty) that lemmy has coined, i should be able to manage to fix it myself.
the throttle is sticking, will return manually but not springy anymore, and with stock tune, that initial jump on the 2017s is even more pronounced.
-minor scuff on the right side shock, and frame where the engine mount bolt is.(this is why i dont want insurance to be involved, id hate to go bike shopping because of a tiny cant see it if its not pointed out scuff.) the welds are fine, engine is still straight.
-right handle bar is bent maybe 1 or 2 degrees from impacting the ground.

the question: will the old wood craft clip ons fit the 2017 z head stock? TIA
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