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Hello from Colorado Springs, CO!

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Just traded in my 2014 Suzuki Boulevard S40 cruiser for a brand new 2018 Z650 ABS. Only been riding for 4 months and adored my cruiser but found it just wasn't my style or speed. It was a great starter/learner bike but the Z650 was just calling my name. Already put 60+ miles on it and I just got it today! I'm absolutely in love with this bike and how it handles! Glad to be part of the Z650 family!



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Congrats on the new Z650 and welcome to the forum! Glad to hear you had a hard time getting off it once you picked it up. Quite a significant jump in power from your S40, even though they are of a very similar displacement.
Congrats on the new bike! I bought the exact same down in Denver. I saw a black one on Arapaho the other day going west. Wast that you? lol
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