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Z650 2020 and XT250
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Hi everyone,
i just put a deposit on the Z650 so I guess I will soon be kitting it ( heated grips, windshield, rack so I can strap a roll bag on the back…).
i have had few Kawasaki in the past: the Versys MK1, then the Mk2. I also had an ER6N that was a blast.
I was set on another Versys but…. The new version is so huge and bulky, it is too much top heavy for poor little me. I am already getting rid of my current bike (MT07 Tracer) for this same reason.

I intend to use the Z650 for long trips around Europe and Turkey, so I will make it into a touring bike.
i am not yet sure about the riding position. It might be tough on the wrists ( that was my only issue with the er6n). But I will see how it goes.
talk to you all soon 😁

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