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'20 BMW F750GS, '21 Z650 ABS
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Hello from a Northern California (East Bay) Z650 owner. I started riding a few years ago at the age of 52 and picked up a 2021 Z650 a couple weeks ago. I'm in the process of doing the initial engine break-in . My other ride is a BMW GS (yes, it's been off road!) but I wanted something a bit smaller for around town...the Z650 is now my Starbucks bike 😀 so I don't get grief from some of my riding buddies about bringing a GS for a coffee run.

The more I ride the Z650, the more it's grown on me. At first, my primary purpose was to use it as a skills development bike (advanced riding classes, trackdays, etc), but it's quickly turning into my primary bike because it's so much fun.

Looking forward to learning more about this bike through other owners here.

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