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Hello my Z650 brethren!

Got my Z650 (Zebedee) last September.
Basically as a result of the current state of the world I've decided that I never want to get on a bus again, ever! Honestly, I've always been afraid of bikes but decided to 'Man up' and get my license last Summer. I've done my IBT (training) on an ER6F and really liked the bike. Once that was done I started looking for my first bike.

Spent a lot of time sitting on various different bikes: SV650, MT07, Street Triple... all the usual suspect. The Z650 was an instant fit. It felt so much more like I was sitting into the bike then on it.

After a few months experience with the Z I'm loving it! It's so nimble and responsive at the low end, easy to lean and forgiving. My criticism might be it's a bit jerky on the throttle at low end and the Ride On app isn't as feature rich as it is on the Z900.

But enough about me telling you a bunch of stuff you already know, here's a pic of Zebedee:
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