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Hi from Italy

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Hi to all you guys from Lake Garda, Italy.
I am 44 years old and finally I decided that it was time to buy my first bike. Yes I know, I am old but...who cares?
So now I am riding since 1st June my new Z650 white color.
The bike is really easy to ride, super light. I am very happy.
I am just complaining about a clicking noise that is always there, even if the bike is stopped (with engine turned on) and throttle is off. I cannot hear the clicking noise if the bike is in neutral.
I am going to write a post in the right area...
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One is never too old to ride a motorcycle! Welcome to the world of two wheels.
Have you ridden anything before the Z650, a practice bike?
I rode my small 50cc motorbike with 4 manual gears when I was young. When I got my car driving license I parked my bike and it is still there. Ha ha.
I was surprised to see how easy was to ride this Z650. I know, I have to be careful, always.
Anyhow I am pretty sure that this is the bike for beginners, like me.
Before buying the Z650 I rode a Ducati Monster for 10 minutes, just to see if I remembered how a motorbike works.
So...26 years without riding anything and 10 minutes with a Ducati before the Z.
Welcome to the boards!

You are definitely far from old my friend! Don't give in that easily haha! Not too sure about the clicking though but maybe a few of the guys on here can chime in. @Tremonte , anything?
Hey there,

I just drove all around Lake Garda when I was on vacation in North Italy about three weeks ago.
I started out in Meran and drove all around the lake. Was quite beautiful actually because, especially on the east side of the lake, the road is only a few meters from the lake.

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