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Jbl cruise speakers

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Awesome product and easy install took me about 30 minutes. It uses your mirror mounts and then your mirrors mount into the speakers. I can hear clearly over stock exhaust till around 55mph and then it gets a little distorted from the wind but you can hear it all the way to 80mph, maybe a better helmet and I’d be able to hear clearly to 80 even. Worth trying this new product if you like tunes and don’t like the distraction of in helmet speakers.


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Well those speakers are a lot larger than I was anticipating lol. I do like that they utilize the existing mounting points from the mirrors though. What was involved in wiring them up? Or do they run independently?
Honestly they aren’t that big about the size of a fist. All you need to do is screw them into the mirror mounts then the mirrors into the speakers. Then they connect together with a Y clamp wire that I tucked behind the wind screen. The other end you run to the battery through the small side black fairing and connect red to red black to black
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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