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Fender Eliminators

To no surprise one of most popular modifications to top this list are Fender Eliminator Kits, Vagabond being the most mentioned here. However, at the time of this post R&G and Yoshimura also have kits available.

Just received my fender eliminator by Vagabond Motorsports today and installed it. The process was very easy and the finished product looks fantastic; would highly recommend to anyone, plus they have a great instructional video on how to install it on their youtube channel.
- Nate
You can also get the Z125 kit from Vagabond Motorsports, and just square it up a tiny bit to fit. That's what I did two months ago, before any parts were on the market. That, and it also costs half what everyone else is charging. Check my sig for an install video.
- Tremonte

Exhaust Systems

Akropovic was quick to release an exhaust system for the Z650. Already one of our members (Geno Horri) purchase one for $844.88 from a vendor based in the U.S.

Yoshimura and Two Brothers are a couple other brands with systems currently available.

Kawasaki Z650 2017

Racing Line (Titanium)

POWER: +3.1kW at 5250 rpm
WEIGHT: -4.0kg
TORQUE: +5.7Nm at 5200 rpm

Designed for track-day use, the Racing Line represents a full step in exhaust tuning. Power and torque are improved across the range for increased performance levels. It is made from lightweight titanium for the muffler outer sleeve with stainless-steel headers to provide a weight savings over the stock system and improve handling. It delivers a deeper and sportier sound for enhanced enjoyment. The simple plug-and-play installation requires no remapping.

ECU Tune

One of the modifications Z650 owners have been looking forward to are ECU tunes. Tremonte's 650 is a prime example of what could be done. Read through the rest of this thread and YouTube comment section which the below quotes were taken from.

Picked her up today, and she feels really good. Gained a very respectable amount of torque and HP from 3k RPM all the way to 8K. The torque is now rock solid across the band, and kicks in earlier. The fuel map was way off. She runs butter smooth, and when you twist the throttle, there is instant power. She pulls really well overall. The peak HP remains the same, and we didn't bump the rev limit for now. The engine braking is set where I can dial that in myself, without messing with the fuel map at all. I'll be playing with that over the next week. Working on putting together a review and video now, so keep an eye out in the next day or so!
- Tremonte
Review and first ride of the 2017 Kawasaki Z650 with Rapid Bike Evo module and fuel controller. Complete comparisons from stock, to Yoshimura Alpha race exhaust, Rapid Bike base map, and custom fuel map by Superbike Unlimited! Dyno comparisons. Compatible with 2017 Kawasaki Z650, Ninja 650, and Versys 650! Contact Superbike Unlimited at: [email protected] to get your Yoshimura Alpha and Rapid Bike combo! Mention Tremonte in your email to request the custom map for your Rapid Bike system! Why choose Rapid Bike over Power Commander or Bazaaz? The proof is in the pudding!

Be sure to susbscribe and come back for more Z650 and Ninja 650 mods! Two of the best new motorcycles of 2017! Whether you're into motorcycle racing, or just cruising on the weekends, be sure to check www.tremonte.tv for related blogs and general motorcycle info. You can also find dyno and z650 specs in the tuning section!

New High Seat

Taller riders will be pleased to know a high-seat option is available from Kawasaki. One of our members, Greg650, was generous enough to share his experience. A quote from his thread and video to go with it are below. For more information and feedback follow this thread.

As many may know, the Z650 is a great bike for short people, but might be slightly uncomfortable for tall riders. I'm 6ft2in (193cm) and the Z650 was my first choice, I absolutely love it after a few months of riding but I was waiting since the beginning for a higher seat. On longer rides, I felt a little bit cramped on the stock seat, especially with the thicker riding pants and higher boots...

Here in Germany, the higher seat is finally available on the Kawasaki website and my dealership had one in stock. I tested it, and thought I would share it with you to show a more detailed view and give my impressions.

The new seat is 30mm higher and provides a more comfortable position, less cramped and for me, better handling.

I like the materials of the new higher seat, they look great and have a more premium look.

I hope this can help some of you who are looking for this or are considering getting it. I had a quick look on the US website of Kawasaki and it's not listed in the accessories at the moment - I hope it will!

Don't hesitate to leave any questions in the comment section of the video! :)
- Greg650
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