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Look what followed me home today...

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It came in, and it's on... and IT'S FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!

Install, before and after, and a ride video will be up later tonight. All I can say, is the Yoshimura definitely will put a smile on your face.
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Can't wait for the video ! As always, the exhaust looks great as well.
They are floating around here on the forums somewhere.... You can get to them by using my signature, going to playlists on my channel, then looking through the "tuning" playlist. Or, go to www.tremonte.tv/tuning for an entire write up.
Just got an answer from Kawasaki EU that the Yoshimura is not Kawasaki approved...
What does it even mean being Kawasaki approved?

I'm gonna order it anyway. As everything else, Tremonte convinced me... :)
It probably has to do with the difference in emission laws if I had to guess. The Yoshimura is a qualified manufacturer modified part for the US model.... whatever that means. lol I was specifically told that it would not affect any warranty, so enjoy!
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Tremonte, I have reviewed most all of your video's and they are fantastic. Pertaining to the Yoshimura muffler system, did I understand you right, that you are able to install this without (or not required) a fuel commander system? Obviously with the fuel and mapping system you are getting the most optimum horse power, etc. Just wanted to clarify this. If this is correct, is there a significant difference in performance etc (without having the fuel commander and mapping).
You can run the Yoshimura pipe without having to add a fuel controller or remap the ECU. But, keep in mind that the bike will run more lean like this, but not to the point where you are going to damage the bike. To lessen how much more lean it will run, leave the baffle in. You will get optimal performance on a stock bike like this, and that information came straight from Yoshimura. I run no baffle, ever, at all.... I also have the Rapid Bike and it's properly tuned. I ran the exhaust with no baffles even before the RB came in, and it is a night and day difference in throttle response. The bike runs butter smooth through all ranges of the power band, at pretty much all throttle loads.

Adding the exhaust by itself was a big increase to the power, and you definitely feel it. Adding a controller gave me on average, a 2hp gain across the top and bottom, and nearly an extra 3hp in the midrange. I also saw the same gains in torque. This engine stock is rated at 68hp to the crank, and dyno'd 58hp to the wheels. Just the exhaust and controller with a fuel tune has it sitting right at 63hp now... so I have decreased the powerloss through the drivetrain by half. Not too shabby.
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Man! that is excellent Tremonte. Thank you very much for the reply and keep up the great video's. I have put on sliders, bar ends and fender eliminator kit (all help from you)
I'm going to crack a joke, but only because I'm jealous...

I bet your boyfriend will hear you coming a mile away ;)
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