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Hey guys, yesterday went on the ride with a buddy of mine, during one turn at around 20 mph, I skidded on leak of some kind either oil, or coolant, lowsided, pushed my bike away from me as I'd hate to have my leg stuck under the motorcycle, then sparks and blah blah blah, appeared to be not too bad considering my sliders did most of the job, but unfortunately radiator hit the curb and broke off when stopping. I'm fine, just a little rash, I ALWAYS RIDE IN GEAR, and it's a must, although my helmet and gear have no scratches, apart from little scuff on my glove, I'm glad I was geared up.
My biggest upset is that curb it hit when stopping, gas tank has a solid dent, and radiator messed up. I'm pretty sure tank is fixable, but with radiator I found solutions on ebay for approx 200$, any opinions on those?
Below I attached some terrible screen shot of the video I took after, first you see the tank, then the spill on which I skidded.
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