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Lowering Z650

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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has lowered their Z650? I purchased the Soupy's lowering link from Ebay and will be installing. The bike already has a lower seat height than most bikes of this displacement but i'm looking for one more inch or so to be able to flat foot.
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I was thinking about it but it seemed complicated to do. I just wear biker boots to make up for the inch.
I lowered my bike 1" last year, I also bought the Soupy's links. I brought it to my mechanic. He said he had to shave off part of the lowering link in order to install it because it was too wide. He also shaved down my kickstand and welded the bottom back on.

If you're gonna do it, I'd definitely recommend having a professional install the lowering link. If you don't want to cut the kickstand, you can also buy an adjustable one.
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