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Modding stock exhaust

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As we all know, if you want to get a new exhaust for the z650 you have to buy the whole setup. You can’t just get a slip on. So my question is- has anyone tried to mod the stock exhaust for a better/louder sound? I’ve heard of people drilling holes in stock exhaust (not really sure if it’s a good idea or not). Maybe someone has cut the end of their stock exhaust off so they could add a slip on?
I really want a better sound, but can’t afford to spend $650+ for a new setup.
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Been wondering the same exact thing. Let me know if you find out anything. I have searched the internet all over and cant find anything about it.
How about opposite? Making it even quieter? Any ideas?
How about opposite? Making it even quieter? Any ideas?
Of course, did anyone tried to make it quiter??
I'm gonna try one thing summer and I'll share it
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