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MRA windscreen

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I had trouble finding pictures of the mra windscreen for the z650 so I'm posting mine. Got it Monday after it was on back order for awhile. I love it.


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Thanks for posting photos of the MRA windscreen. That is the screen that I am looking at getting for my Z as well, but the Canadian importer hasn't started bringing them in yet. What kind of difference in wind hitting your head and chest have you noticed since putting this windscreen on the bike?
I actually ordered it from https://www.motoracingshop.com/en/m...cify-mounting-kit-or-use-the-oem-fitting.html which is in Italy to the US. The black opaque one was out of stock everywhere else I looked.

I didn't think the wind bothered me before but after getting this windshield I noticed how much the wind on my chest pushed me at high speeds. The wind is deflected right onto my helmet starting just below my chin. With the wind shielded from hitting my chest it is more comfortable sitting on the bike at freeway speeds. I like it more than I thought I would, highly recommend it!
Thanks for the link and the recommendation. I'll take a look at ordering from them instead of waiting for the Canadian supplier.
Has anyone got the link too the ram holder the same one
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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