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So I've been looking at windshields, frame sliders and a fender eliminator. And after doing some research, I decided to go with the following bits:

Puig sport windshield (in black): https://puig.tv/en/tuning-motos/win...dlights/naked-new-generation-sport?bike=13132

Puig R12 frame sliders: https://puig.tv/en/tuning-motos/frame-sliders/crash-pads-r12?bike=13132

Mustard Bikes fender eliminator:
Kawasaki | Z650 | Ninja 650 | 2017-2018 | Fender Eliminator | Tail Tidy | Mustard Bikes

I'm super happy with the fender eliminator. Was a bit fiddly to install but it's very compact, and the LED license plate light is a nice touch. The product is solid and well made.

The frame sliders were simple to install - about 10 minutes. No modification of the chassis or any fairings was required. They're a bit bulkier than I thought and I'll need to get used to how they look, but they'll definitely product the bike in the event of a fall or a crash.

And the windshield; again a very simple install, just 4 screws to remove the stock windshield, then the same 4 screws to attach the new one. Cosmetically it looks nice from the front, however it has quite a loud rattle when the bike is idling. I'll need to look into dampening it somehow as it's quite distracting.
It's also a bit small, in hindsight I'd probably have bought the touring model which is a bit taller.

But all in all, I'm happy with these products! The bike is looking good :)


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