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Hello all. Been here for a few weeks and decided to make my first post. At the end of June I finally pulled the trigger on a 2020 Z650. I was very close to getting a DRZ-400SM, but my local dealer wanted my first born in fees. They were the only dealer I visited to have the pretty grey/blue.

2020 Suzuki DR-Z400SM

I needed a little more comfortable seat, and wasn't stoked on it being carbureted. I have enough small toys at home if I feel the need to clean a carb :).

While on vacation, I visited a few dealers. My main worry in buying my first bike was not having enough power. I commute about 20 miles daily on a 65 mph local highway, and didn't want to be spending most of my riding maxing the RPMs on a 300.

The whole process of buying a bike, especially a new one, is such a pain in the ass. Some dealers can be sketchy, and will claim they have preferential lending rates, etc. My local dealer wanted $2,000 over retail (no lie - $9500 out the door for this ^ Suzuki). I told them I was paying cash/my own financing, and they still tried to negotiate a monthly payment instead of OTD price. Always always always negotiate OTD and let them decide where to appropriate the fees. I am a newbie in buying motorcycles but not a complete sucker.

Now I mentioned I'm not a complete sucker, but here is me looking like one at the dealership on my new bike:

2020 Z650 ABS

Made a few small mods, bought a slew of gear for storage/maintenance/safety, and put over 1,900 miles on it as of August 10th. Upgraded windscreen from Puig, fender eliminator from Yoshimura (exhaust to match soon), new levers, removed most decals, and a few other small things. I'll make a post on the windscreen and fender eliminator soon. Puig just released the 2020 windscreen last week so I'm sure there are not too many of those floating around. Cheers!
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