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So the bike I bought had been dropped on the left side, some damage on the gas tank, but nothing appeared wrong. after purchasing it the motorcycle was leaking a small amount from the stator engine cover on the left side of the motorcycle. I did a little research and saw it could be a faulty gasket. Brought it in to the a local shop to get it fixed under warranty. The shop called me and informed me that someone had been inside that stator cover, it wasn't original and was replaced, the leak was being caused because whoever did it left out like two pieces inside. So it was causing it to wear weird. I asked if it can be fixed or was it. something that will cause long term damage, he said the bike will be fine, Which is obviously the most important to my new to me bike. But after the parts and labor im looking at $230 I think. So I know it isn't probably worth taking the slimy kid who I bought the motorcycle from to small claims court. Figured I'd ask him to Venmo me the money for the repairs or ill file a claim. What do you guys think I should do?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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