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Need help Engine oil Question

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So I changed the oil on my motorcycle @ just about 700 miles. I replaced the filter with a K&N one and the oil full synthetic. But only 300 miles since the last oil change and my engine oil looks dark and milky, I have attached pictures and info on the oil used and the oil filter. Any thoughts?


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That is more than likely trapped condensate. Ride the bike for a bit, then look at it again. It shouldn't look milky after that, as the moisture will have evaporated. It's a common thing to happen in the warmer months when humidity rises. Nothing to be alarmed about, unless it doesn't go away after the engine is fully warmed and the oil has circulated. A 30 minute ride should be plenty to clear it up, but you'll more than likely see it again.
I ride 40 mins to work each way. I checked it when I got to work, then again when I got home, was the same. I'll most likely try another oil change.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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