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Needing some help.. Akrapovič install

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I am finishing up on some installs on my bike (Fender eliminator, frame sliders, and Akrapovič exhaust) and noticed the O2 sensor cable doesn't seem long enough to go in the new exhaust. it is rubbing and very tight (see pics). Any ideas? I've tried to see if I could get any slack but it does not seem like it. I've emailed Akrapovič but hoping to get on the road this weekend.


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Did you unplug the sensor from the harness during the install, or just twist it out? If you didn't unclicp it, remove the sprocket cover and the harness clip is just behind a black piece of rubber. Unclip it, straighten it out, and try to reroute it for a little more slack. Just be careful not to get it around the sprocket and chain.
how did the install end up going? any pics? how does it sound
Finally got it fixed. I had to take off a few covers and run the O2 wire different but got it to work with a little slack. It sounds amazing. Much better growl but not too crazy, far better than my loud GSXR. Sorry for the late response. I have had work and fires around the town. I'll upload a few pics tomorrow when I get done installing my new fender eliminator.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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