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New guy from Oregon

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Hi all, I will be picking up my new white Z650 this Friday. Trading in my too heavy Indian Scout. This will be my 35th bike since 1964, and 7th Kawasaki. Road raced an old H2 in the '70's, had many great ones.
Had a Versys 650 last year, this Z should be similar, and lower than the Versys. Love the green. Hope to see lots of tips and tricks on this forum.
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35 bikes :O That's phenomenal.

I'm gonna love to hear your impressions on the Z650 and how it stacks to what you've previously owned!
I'll be picking it up in about 2 hours, riding to the dealer on my soon to be gone Indian Scout. I expect it to be very similar to my 2015 650 Versys that I stupidly sold last year to get the Scout.
So I take it you're not too fond of your Scout at the moment..

The 650 Versys looks pretty similar to the Z650 in a way but ergos look pretty close?
Wow, I've only been on 3 so far. Welcome to the forum! Always great to have an experienced rider on board.
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