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My wife and i travel up and down the East Coast for work. We ride dual sport and road anywhere and everywhere we can.

we want to build out this bike to be an example of what you can can do to these. Excited to have a forum, hello!

anywhere there is the word HELP, please help us pick the best option for the bike! Thanks, I will post pictures and videos as we upgrade. As-is pics coming later today

so far:
-2020 z650, black with red tank stripe, hot-wheel decals and stickers removed before it touched the garage
-full yoshi alpha exhaust
-ram cell phone mount
-larger windscreen from z900, Puig new generation windscreen on order
-motovlog mounts all over
-healtech quickshifter on the way
-samco tubes in black on way
—smog block off plates on way
-frame sliders, fork sliders, rear spools on way

On deck:
-new bars (help.renthal ultra lows, right?)
-ecu flash and/or tune/pc/rapid bike controller (help! We can easily get to superbike unlimited in NC, or anywhere else on east coast)
-new tires (Help. Michelin pilots, right? just as a little rant, how they can put such terrible tires on a bike that could attract such a large crowd, is beyond me. Both this bike and the z900 with good tires turn into pretty capable bikes, so boo on kawi for cheaping out on the one thing that could really highlight the performance)
-new mirror placement
-pillowtop grips
-racing pegs
-carbon fiber parts? (Help. Is anyone Doing this on z650’s?motocomposite said I would have to essentially get a group order together for them to even consider, but their customer service is not my favorite so Not holding breath )
-suspension overhaul (help. Mostly my wifes bike so we could leave it aside some tuning, but because others may shred it once in a while including me 200 lbs,thinking we might as well overhaul suspension)

anything I missed?
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